Building on the excitement of Phase I, this summer Team Bloom and Team Market 7 continue to test their prototypes and check that their proposed solutions will address their chosen community health concerns.  Team Bloom, Diane Brent-Farmer and Hortense Farmer, is creating a program designed to encourage communities to adopt healthier lifestyles.  They developed a series of wellness parties called Taste and Talk, where neighbors could happily gather in a relaxed, social setting and sample wholesome recipes incorporating healthier ingredients.  Team Bloom’s concept recognizes that food, for many people, is closely associated with family and cultural identity. The Taste and Talk sessions will leverage social networks, language, ingredients and flavors that are already familiar to their communities to encourage healthier lifestyles.


Team Market 7, Mary Blackford and Jacob Clark, aims to expand healthy food and accessible retail products for Ward 7 residents.  They created an indoor, community marketplace model that creates opportunities for local, black-owned businesses to sell to local residents while also addresses community health concerns, particularly related to food access challenges in Ward 7.


In addition to honing these prototypes, Teams Bloom and Market 7 are forging relationships with targeted community resources and partners identified by the Advisory Council during Phase I.  Sibley is also providing the Phase 2 teams with additional funding, business development coaching, and further design and technical assistance to foster more sustainable business and public health strategies within the design models.



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