It all happens when we listen first...

The first, most important step we took when we embarked on Ward Infinity was to reach out to East of the River residents and listen to their wisdom, their concerns, and their suggestions. What emerged were themes and patterns that provided insights and inform the solutions we are developing through this initiative.

Islands and Seas

There is a strong sense of isolation in some communities East of the River - "islands" of isolation. Some islands are uplifting bright spots, like community centers, while others are perceived as disconnected from the community despite their presence. "Seas" of negativity also exist, such as areas of violence and neglect.

Disproportionate Impact

Life East of the River can often have higher costs, such as the cost of time to access services in other areas of the city, or the monetary risk of selecting an unfamiliar, expensive healthy food option rather than a more comfortable, affordable choice.

Tightly Woven Fabric

For many residents of Wards 7 & 8, the fabric of life is so tightly woven that even small challenges, such as missing work and pay to go to doctor's appointment, can impact every other area of life.

Life care vs Sick care

Residents define health as the core components of life --housing, employment, finances, relationships, and overall wellbeing.

Hear My Voice

Residents have a strong desire to be an invited, participatory voice in shaping community change and development. This is community empowerment at its core.