Meet the Innovators

After a very competitive application cycle, we're pleased and proud to announce the first cohort of Ward Infinity's Community Innovators. These amazing innovators are working on challenges based on the themes identified during the initial listening tour phase of our work in the community. 

The teams selected for the first cohort of community innovators chose from among those themes. They are adding their own focus and have established starting points around challenges such as: 

  • Food - reducing the risk and fear of incorporating healthier options into diets
  • Bright Spots - working on ways to help ensure the right voices are in the room when decisions around community development are being considered. 
  • Life care - thinking about creative ways to improve access to economic opportunities within the community 

These projects are just starting. Together, we'll engage more community members through our empathy research. We'll use what we learn from those discussions to further define these challenges and opportunities. That's when the creative problem solving kicks into high gear. So, check back here soon for details on these innovators and their projects. 


Meet the First Cohort

We are thrilled to announce our first cohort of community innovators. These teams are off to a great start!