Advisory Council

Ward Infinity’s Community Health Innovators have been given tremendous support from a select group

of government officials and community leaders.

These individuals represent the Ward Infinity Advisory Council membership.


we appreciate all of your support! thank you! 

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Reverend Virginia Williams

Ward 7 Resident


Maranda C. Ward, Ed.D, MPH

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, 7B03


Christopher L. Hawthorne

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, 8E05   


Graylin Presbury

President, D.C. Federation of Civic Associations (Fairlawn Citizens Association)


Brian Kenner, MPP
Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, District of Columbia


HyeSook Chung, MSW

Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services, District of Columbia


LaQuandra S. Nesbitt, MD, MPH

Director, District of Columbia Department of Health


Tanya A. Royster, MD
Director, District of Columbia Department of Behavioral Health


Richard “Chip” O. Davis, Ph.D

President and CEO, Sibley Memorial Hospital


Marissa I. McKeever, Esq.

Director of Government and Community Affairs, Sibley Memorial Hospital


Laura Sander, MD, MPH

Medical Director of Community Outreach and Population Health, Sibley Memorial Hospital